Julia Verdin – The Producer to Watch and One of Britain’s Most Interesting and Prolific Talents in Film

By Meagan Sargent
Director Bernard Rose, Danny Huston, producer Julia Verdin, Richard Portnow, Jamie Harries – on set at the Bar Lubitsch

Julia Verdin is the producer of ‘Two Jacks‘. Recently one of our favorite  films at the Hollywood Film Festival, ‘Two Jacks‘ is a film that encompasses many themes and is sure to be a favorite on the festival circuit.

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IMDb Review – Two Jacks

A film about love, lost memories, and living up to expectations. Bernard Rose’s ‘Two Jacks’, starring Dany Huston, Jack Huston, and Sienna miller, is an indie comedy drama based on Leo Tolstoy’s iconic short story Two Hussars. It is the tale of legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston) who returns to Hollywood after a lengthy absence, looking to finance a new project. His return to the scene is met with awe and excitement. In a series of wild adventures, he hits the bottle, seduces a beautiful woman (Sienna Miller) and fights with studio execs, winning the money he needs in a poker game. Twenty years down the line, the filmmakers son (Jack Huston) comes to town to make his directorial debut amid curiosity as to whether he’s inherited his fathers gift.

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IMDb Review – Two Jacks

Director Bernard Rose teams up with Danny Huston for their third Tolstoy adaptation following Ivans XTC(2003) and The Kreutzer Sonata(2008) in the indie comedy drama: Two Jacks. Based on the short story of The Two Hussars, it is the tale of . Legendary film director Jack Hussar returns to Hollywood after a long absence looking to finance for his next film. He drinks freely, attends glamorous parties, romances beautiful Diana and wins his financing in a poker game. Years later, his son arrives in Hollywood to make his directorial debut, and it is clear that he aspires to live up to his father’s reputation.

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Indiewire: Bernard Rose Talks ‘Boxing Day,’ Third in Danny Huston Tolstoy Series, Starts Shooting ‘Paganini’

‘Boxing Day’

Transplanted Brit writer-director Bernard Rose and Hollywood scion Danny Huston have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship. Casting Huston in “IVANSXTC,” a llittle-seen 2002 success d’estime that in many ways presaged the indie digital age, jumpstarted the would-be director’s career as an actor. Huston keeps coming back for more, because with Rose he winds up doing his best acting.

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Montreal Gazette: Danny Huston and nephew Jack add star power to World Film Festival

Danny Huston and nephew Jack add star power to World Film Festival

Danny Huston is a fan of Montreal’s World Film Festival (FFM). The American actor was here last year in support of Eran Riklis’s movie Playoff. He returns with Bernard Rose’s Two Jacks, accompanied by his nephew Jack, who stars alongside him, as well as the film’s producer, Julia Verdin.

“I really enjoyed the festival last year and I’m happy to be returning,” Huston said in a statement.

Festival founder Serge Losique called the Hustons “one of the great dynasties of American cinema; (they) have given us great films for four generations.”

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World Film Festival: Danny Huston and his nephew Jack at the MWFF for Two Jacks

American film star Danny Huston and his nephew Jack will attend the Montreal World Film Festival for the premiere of Two Jacks directed by Bernard Rose. They will be accompanied by the film’s producer Julia Verdin. In 2011 at the MWFF Huston won best actor for his role in Eran Riklis’ Playoff. “I really enjoyed the Festival last year and I’m happy to be returning with Two Jacks,” said Huston.

“One of the great dynasties of American cinema, the Hustons have given us great films for four generations, beginning with Walter Huston before WWII, then his son the incomparable John, his children Danny and Anjelica, and now Danny’s nephew Jack carries on the tradition.” said MWFF president Serge Losique.

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Hollywood Reporter: Sienna Miller’s ‘Two Jacks’ Enters Montreal Festival Competition

The Canadian fest also named Gretta Scacchi as the head of the main jury, which will also judge works by Claude Gagnon, Yasuo Furuhata and Spain’s Patricia Ferreira.

Sienna Miller
Danny Martindale/Getty Images

TORONTO – The Sienna Miller andBilly Zane-starring indie Two Jacks, by U.S. director Bernard Rose, is to screen in compétition at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Montreal organizers on Tuesday also named Gretta Scacchi as the head of the festival jury, which will screen in all 17 competition titles.

Rose’s Two Jacks, which also stars Danny Huston, Jacqueline Bisset and Jack Huston, is a contemporary adaptation of the Leo Tolstoy short story Two Hussars, and portrays two generations of a Hollywood filmmaking family.

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Julia Verdin stacks the deck with Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisset for ‘TWO JACKS’

Hollywood, CA (Hollywood Today) 12/29/10 – Producer Julia Verdin may have scored a winning hand for her newest film Two Jacks, currently filming in LA.  Verdin (Stander, Merchants of Venice) is collaborating with Director Bernard Rose (Immortal Beloved, Mr. Nice) on the indie drama based on Leo Tolstoy’s short story “The Two Hussars.”  Sienna Miller, Jack Huston, and Danny Huston star in the film, along with Green Hornet’s Jamie Harris, Billy Zane, Jacqueline Bisset and Richard Portnow (Law Abiding Citizen) who recently joined the cast.

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