Jacqueline Bisset

Diana 2010

A truly international film star, Jacqueline Bisset has undertaken a diverse range of dramatic and comedic challenges in the more than 50 films in which she has appeared, winning raves from critics and fans alike.  She moves easily from theatrical to television films, here in the United States as well as in Europe, where she is equally at home performing in both English and French language projects.  One of the film world’s most renowned beauties over four decades of stardom, she has possessed skills attracting the elite filmmakers, and even branched into producing for the film “Rich And Famous” which paired her with Candice Bergen.

Jacqueline is a classic star who has, indeed, starred in many classic films such as DAY FOR NIGHT, THE DEEP,  UNDER THE VOLCANO and MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, an actress who has been selected by such directors as John Huston, Roman Polanski, Peter Yates, George Cukor, Francois Truffaut, Tony Scott, Ted Kotcheff., Maximilian Schell, Claude Chabrol and Sidney Lumet.  Although often acknowledged as a gifted comedienne, Bisset is best known for her dramatic performances, including powerful portrayals, numerously nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe and other major honors. Bisset has teamed with such international stars as Phillipe Noiret, Jean Paul Belmondo and Jurgen Prochnow, as well as American and English leading men, including Paul Newman, Mickey Rourke, Nick Nolte, Albert Finney, Bill Holden, Steve McQueen, Robert Shaw, Jon Voight, Frank Sinatra, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Andrews, Paul Scofield and Martin Sheen.  The result has been a career of classic box office and critical successes.