Iryna Orlova & Anatoly Mamalyga

Iryna Orlova and Anatoliy Mamalyga, natives of Ukraine, began their careers in music at Chernovtsy Music College and the Kiev State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, studying performance, conducting, arranging and orchestration.  After graduation Iryna went on to win several Ukrainian and international competitions including the prestigious “All USSR Stage Performers Competition” in St. Petersburg as well as the “All Ukrainian Competition.”  Anatoliy was decorated with the title   “Honored Artist of Ukraine” by the President of  Ukraine.

For many years Anatoliy directed and conducted the Kiev Philharmonic Society’s Chamber Orchestra “Ridni Naspivy”, in which Iryna was the principal soloist.  This ensemble of virtuosos toured extensively, performing at many of  Europe’s most prestigious music festivals. “Ridni Naspive” also recorded five albums on the famous Melodia label, worked in many productions for Ukranian national TV and Radio and for film studios Dovzhenko and Kievnauchfilm.

Experienced in studio recording and movie production, Iryna and Anatoliy are currently co-directors of the Los Angeles Balalaika Orchestra and the “Firebird Quartet”.