Written and Directed by

Bernard Rose

Produced by

Julia Verdin

Based on the short story “Two Hussars” by

Leo Tolstoy


Danny Huston – Jack Hussar Sr.

Jack Huston - Jack Hussar Jr.

Sienna Miller – Diana

Jacqueline Bisset – Diana 2010

Billy Zane – Max faraday

Rosie Fellner – Lily

Jamie Harris – Colin

Lydia Hearst – Alexis

Izabella Miko – Dana

Richard Portnow – Lorenzo

Dave Pressler – Brad

Executive Producers

Priscilla Ross

Marcy Levitas Hamilton

Strath Hamilton

Co-Executive Producers

Anthony Verdin

Anne Marie Verdin

John Verdin


Matthew Dean

Ric W. Smith

Photographed by

Bernard Rose

Edited by

Bernard Rose

Lighting Director

Ron Forsythe

Fashions Designed and Stylized by

Julia Clancey

Production Designer

Bradd Wesley Fillman

Make-up Designer

Lynn Taylor Wood

Hair Designer

Johnny Stuntz

Original Music by

Iryna Orlova

and Anatoliy Mamalyga

Additional Music by

Billy Morrison


Steve Stevens